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What the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Time?

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Shimanami Kaido

Need to know What the Shimanami Kaido Cycling Timeis? Let’s dive in and find out how long it takes to conquer this amazing 70 km-long bike route. Get ready to pedal through breathtaking scenery and experience the thrill of crossing the 7 bridges that connect Honshu to Shikoku. So, how long does it take to cycle this renowned route? Let’s unveil the answer and plan your perfect cycling adventure!

Understanding the Shimanami Kaido

I recently had the chance to experience the breathtaking beauty of the Shimanami Kaido, a renowned cycling route in Japan that seamlessly connects six stunning islands. This 60-kilometer-long route stretches from Onomichi in Hiroshima Prefecture to Imabari in Ehime Prefecture, forming a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure. Let’s dive into the specifics of this awe-inspiring cycling route.

Location and Distance

The Shimanami Kaido spans across the Seto Inland Sea, linking the islands of Mukaishima, Innoshima, Ikuchijima, Omishima, Hakatajima, and Oshima. Its total distance of 60 kilometers makes it an ideal multi-day cycling adventure or a fulfilling one-day challenge for cycling enthusiasts.

Scenic Highlights

As you traverse the Shimanami Kaido, be prepared to be captivated by the scenic marvels that unfold before your eyes. From the striking views of the Seto Inland Sea to the charming countryside landscapes, every pedal brings forth a new visual feast. Each island along the route boasts its own unique attractions, such as the iconic Tatara Bridge with its sweeping panoramic vistas and the delightful Setoda Sunset Beach, offering a perfect pit stop for some relaxation and photos. Cycling the Shimanami Kaido is like unraveling a series of picturesque postcards brought to life.

Bicycle Lane on Gray Concrete Road Photo by Pixabay

The Shimanami Kaido in Japan Photo by Jan Bouken

Ideal Time to Complete the Shimanami Kaido

Cycling the Shimanami Kaido offers an incredible opportunity to explore the scenic beauty of the islands linking Honshu to Shikoku, covering approximately 70 kilometers of stunning landscapes. But, how long does it take to complete this memorable journey? Let’s dive into the ideal time to complete the Shimanami Kaido and factors that can influence the duration.

Average Cycling Time

The average time to cycle the entire Shimanami Kaido route varies depending on individual preferences, fitness levels, and the amount of time spent at each island. For experienced cyclists on road bikes, completing the entire route may take around 3 to 4 hours, while leisure cyclists who prefer a more relaxed pace may take an entire day to absorb the picturesque surroundings.

It’s important to consider your cycling proficiency and physical condition when estimating the time needed. Avid cyclists might be able to cover the route swiftly, while beginners or casual riders may want to allocate more time to savor the breathtaking views and take leisurely breaks.

Man Standing Near Shore Photo by Daniel Frank

Factors Affecting Duration

Several factors can influence the duration of your cycling journey along the Shimanami Kaido. Rest stops to enjoy local cuisine, visit cultural landmarks, and take in panoramic vistas can add to the overall time spent on the route. Additionally, varying personal paces and the desire for sightseeing activities can significantly impact the duration of the cycling trip.

In my experience, I’ve found that allowing ample time for exploring each island and indulging in local delicacies enhances the overall experience. It’s not just about completing the route but also about relishing the unique offerings of each destination.

If you’re interested in more details and itineraries about cycling Shimanami Kaido, you can check out Japan Travel’s guide to cycling the Shimanami Kaido for valuable insights and tips.

Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, so take the time to enjoy the unforgettable moments along the way.

Tips for Enjoying the Journey

Cycling the Shimanami Kaido is an incredible adventure that offers breathtaking scenery and cultural experiences. To make the most of your journey, consider the following tips for an unforgettable experience.

Optimal Season for Cycling

The best seasons for cycling the Shimanami Kaido are spring and autumn. During spring (March to May), the weather is mild, and the beautiful cherry blossoms along the route create a picturesque backdrop for your ride. In autumn (September to November), the landscape transforms with vibrant autumn foliage, adding a colorful touch to your cycling journey. These seasons offer comfortable temperatures for cycling and the opportunity to witness nature’s stunning displays.

Cycling on Shimanami Kaido Photo by Dó Castle

Recommended Rest Stops and Attractions

Along the Shimanami Kaido route, there are several noteworthy rest stops and attractions that provide opportunities to immerse yourself in the local culture and savor delicious delicacies. Some of these include:

  • Kurushima Kaikyo Service Area: Take a break at this scenic rest area, offering stunning views of the Seto Inland Sea and a variety of local food options, including freshly caught seafood.
  • Hakata Island: Visit this charming island to explore its tranquil beaches, interact with friendly locals, and indulge in popular seafood delicacies such as octopus fritters (takoyaki).
  • Cycling Road Information Centers: Make sure to stop by the cycling road information centers located along the route. These centers provide valuable insights into the attractions, local specialties, and cycling tips, ensuring a well-informed and enjoyable journey.

By exploring these recommended rest stops and attractions, cyclists can take in the diverse beauty and flavors of the region, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to their Shimanami Kaido experience.


So, there you have it! The perfect time for a Shimanami Kaido cycling adventure is during the spring and autumn months. The weather is just right, the scenic beauty is at its peak, and the traffic is relatively lighter. Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a novice, the Shimanami Kaido offers an unforgettable experience for everyone. Time to pump those pedals and embark on your own memorable journey!

Bicyclist Passing the Road Near the River Photo by Pixabay

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