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How to Travel from Hiroshima to Miyajima

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Travel from Hiroshima to Miyajima

Travel from Hiroshima to Miyajima is a convenient and straightforward journey that offers visitors a chance to explore the beauty of both locations. Whether you opt for a train and ferry or direct boat, the trip takes less than an hour, making it an accessible destination for a day trip or longer visit. Upon arrival, visitors can easily navigate the island, as its main attractions are located within walking distance from the ferry terminal. With its iconic Itsukushima Shrine and the opportunity to explore Mount Misen, Miyajima promises a memorable experience for travelers seeking natural and cultural wonders.

Discover the Charm of Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island, also known as Itsukushima, is a captivating destination that offers a blend of natural beauty, rich history, and spiritual significance. As a must-visit location in Japan, it boasts iconic landmarks and cultural treasures that continue to attract visitors from around the world.

A Silhouette of the Itsukushima Shrine in Japan Photo by Jeremy Dupuis

Why Miyajima is a Must-Visit Destination

Itsukushima Shrine

The Itsukushima Shrine is undeniably the highlight of Miyajima Island, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This Shinto shrine, characterized by vermilion wooden structures, includes the mesmerizing floating torii gate, an iconic symbol of Japan’s spiritual and cultural heritage. The ethereal sight of the torii gate seemingly floating on the sea during high tide never fails to captivate visitors, offering a surreal and picturesque experience. The shrine also holds religious significance, dedicated to the three female deities, adding a layer of spiritual allure to its enchanting presence.

Admire the Five Storey Pagoda

Another architectural wonder on the island is the Five-Story Pagoda, a striking example of traditional Japanese design. The vermillion pagoda, standing over 27 meters tall, serves as a testament to the island’s historical and cultural significance. Its intricate craftsmanship and grandeur make it a must-see attraction, providing insight into Japan’s rich heritage and artistic achievements.

Miyajima Island is a treasure trove of cultural wonders and natural beauty, making it an essential stop for travelers seeking a harmonious blend of history, spirituality, and breathtaking landscapes.

Travel from Hiroshima to Miyajima

If you’re planning a trip from Hiroshima to Miyajima, there are a few convenient transportation options available. The two most common methods of travel are by ferry and train.

Hiroshima to Miyajima Ferry

The ferry ride from Hiroshima to Miyajima is a scenic and enjoyable experience. As the ferry glides across the Seto Inland Sea, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the iconic floating torii gate of Itsukushima Shrine. The ferry is a great way to soak in the beauty of the surrounding landscape and approach the island in a memorable manner.

Miyajima ferry Photo by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz

Train Travel

Another option for traveling to Miyajima from Hiroshima is by train. The JR Sanyo Line connects Hiroshima and Miyajimaguchi, where you can transfer to the JR Ferry for a short ride to the island. The train ride offers convenience and efficiency, allowing you to reach Miyajima while enjoying the picturesque coastal scenery along the way.

Overall, whether you choose the ferry or the train, both options provide an enjoyable and scenic journey to the iconic island of Miyajima.

Exploring the Hiroshima City Transport Options

Hiroshima offers various convenient transportation options, making it easy for visitors to explore the city and its surrounding attractions.

Hiroshima’s Convenient Streetcars

The city is well-served by a streetcar network, providing a charming and efficient way to move around. The streetcars cover many key areas, including popular tourist spots, making it convenient for travelers to navigate the city and access its cultural and historical sites.

Bird's Eye View Photography of Lighted City Photo by Josh Hild

The Miyajima Ferry Experience

I recently had the incredible opportunity to journey from Hiroshima to Miyajima, and the ferry ride was nothing short of breathtaking. The short trip across the Seto Inland Sea is a must-do when visiting Japan, offering stunning views and a unique experience.

Ferry Schedules and Operating Hours

The ferry service between Hiroshima and Miyajima operates multiple times a day, with frequent departures ensuring convenient access for visitors. The first ferry typically departs early in the morning, with services continuing throughout the day until the evening. This accessibility allows travelers to plan their visit with flexibility, accommodating various itineraries.

Ticket Prices and Where to Purchase Them

Tickets for the ferry can be conveniently purchased at the Hiroshima Ferry Terminal or directly at the pier before boarding. The round-trip fare is reasonably priced, making it an affordable and worthwhile addition to your itinerary. Visitors can opt for a one-way ticket if they plan to stay longer on the island, with the return journey offering equally enchanting views of the scenic coastline.

What to Expect on the Ferry Ride

As the ferry sets sail, prepare to be captivated by the serene beauty of the Seto Inland Sea. The panoramic views of the surrounding islands and the iconic torii gate of Miyajima Island create a mesmerizing backdrop, perfect for capturing memorable photographs. The gentle sway of the boat and the refreshing sea breeze add to the overall charm of the journey, making the short ride an experience in itself.

Travel from Hiroshima to Miyajima, at night a traveler in japan

Alternative Routes to Miyajima

Traveling to Miyajima offers several exciting alternative routes, providing unique perspectives and experiences. One of the most captivating ways to venture from Hiroshima to Miyajima is through private tours and cruises, which offer personalized insights into the region’s rich culture and history.

Private Tours and Cruises

Embarking on a private tour or cruise from Hiroshima to Miyajima allows travelers to delve into the local heritage with personalized attention from knowledgeable guides. These tours often include visits to iconic landmarks such as the Itsukushima Shrine, providing in-depth historical narratives and cultural significance. Additionally, the flexibility of private tours enables visitors to tailor their experiences according to specific interests, ensuring a memorable and tailored journey.

Kayaking to Miyajima

For adventurers seeking a more active and immersive approach, kayaking to Miyajima presents an exhilarating option. Navigating the Seto Inland Sea by kayak offers breathtaking views of the coastal landscape, allowing travelers to witness the iconic floating torii gate from a unique vantage point. This unconventional journey fosters a deep connection with nature while experiencing the tranquil beauty of the surrounding waters.

Photo of Person Riding Kayak Photo by Josh Hild

Making the Most of Your Miyajima Trip

Miyajima, an island located in the Seto Inland Sea, is a must-visit destination for travelers exploring Japan. Renowned for its iconic floating torii gate, the island offers a blend of cultural, culinary, and natural experiences that captivate visitors. Here are the top attractions, local cuisine, and the best time to visit Miyajima.

Top Attractions in Miyajima

The island is famous for its breathtaking Itsukushima Shrine, with its torii gate seeming to float on the water during high tide. The Daisho-in Temple, a spiritual hub nestled on the mountainside, showcases intricate details and stunning sculptures. Additionally, the island’s Mount Misen, accessible by hiking or a scenic ropeway, offers panoramic views of the Seto Inland Sea and beyond.

Miyajima Island Shrine Photo by Pok Rie

Local Cuisine

Miyajima is celebrated for its delectable local dishes such as grilled oysters, a regional specialty. Visitors can savor Momiji Manju, a maple leaf-shaped cake filled with various flavors, and Anago Meshi, a savory eel rice bowl. Indulging in a multi-course kaiseki meal that showcases the island’s fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients is an experience not to be missed.

Japanese Cuisine Photo by sl wong

Best Time to Visit Miyajima

The best time to visit Miyajima is during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) seasons when the weather is mild and the natural surroundings are adorned with cherry blossoms or vibrant foliage. However, the island’s tranquil atmosphere during winter also offers a unique charm, perfect for travelers seeking a serene retreat from the bustling city life.

Miyajima Island Photo by fei wang

The enchanting allure of Miyajima beckons travelers to immerse themselves in its rich heritage and picturesque landscapes, making it a compelling addition to any Japan itinerary.


Traveling from Hiroshima to Miyajima is a convenient and straightforward journey, allowing visitors to experience the beauty and tranquility of the island. With various transportation options available, including trains and ferries, reaching Miyajima from Hiroshima is both efficient and cost-effective.

Upon arriving at Miyajimaguchi Station, the short walk to the ferry pier provides easy access to frequent ferry departures for Miyajima. Once on the island, most attractions are within walking distance from the ferry terminal, offering a hassle-free exploration of popular sites such as Itsukushima Shrine and Mount Misen.

Overall, the journey from Hiroshima to Miyajima is not only a seamless one but also sets the stage for an unforgettable experience on this enchanting island.

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