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17 Best Things to Do in Tokyo in 2023

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Get ready to dive into the best things to do in Tokyo! From exploring local eateries to experiencing immersive digital art, this guide offers a taste of Tokyo's unique adventures.
best things to do in tokyo

I can’t contain my excitement as I sit here, typing away, bringing to you the 17 best things to see in Tokyo in 2023. 

Picture this blog post as your virtual guide, ready to unveil the top picks of attractions, the must-sees, and most importantly, the best places to visit in Tokyo.

The aroma of a piping hot bowl of ramen in a crowded market, the hushed serenity of ancient shrines, the infectious hustle of the city streets, and the melodic hum of the language itself – they all have a way of wrapping around my heart and refusing to let go.

So whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a novice stepping into the enchanting streets of Tokyo for the first time, get ready to mark your itinerary with fun things that will make you say, “Arigato, Japan!

And if you are looking for the perfect do-to list of things to do in Japan click here! I wrote a super detailed list!


kyoto in the evening


My Culinary Adventure: Sushi Making in Tokyo

Now, imagine spending an entire afternoon with friendly locals in an informal, downright homey atmosphere, with laughter and good-natured banter filling the air. These, my fellow explorers, are not your typical touristy moments but the heartwarming, authentic ones that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to bring back home the magic of sushi making, right? Picture this: With each step and ingredient, I was crafting not just sushi, but a bite-sized piece of Japanese culture!

Next, it was onto the hands-on cooking lesson. Under the careful guidance of expert sushi chefs, I was no longer just a tourist. Oh no, I was now an apprentice, gradually mastering the art of sushi making, especially that tasty sushi rice (which, let me tell you, is an art form in itself).

Here are the highlights of my adventure:

      • A joy-filled afternoon immersing myself in the local culture

      • A hands-on sushi-making experience that felt more like a fun-filled journey than a lesson

      • Learning the secrets behind that delectable sushi rice


    When’s the best time to visit? Here’s a personal tip: Try it during the evening. After the class, step outside and be greeted by a breathtaking view of the city, the Tokyo skyline twinkling like a sea of stars. It’s the perfect end to a perfect day!

    I was carrying home not just a skill, but a piece of Japan with me. How cool is that? And I promise you, you can too! So, get ready to roll (literally and figuratively), my friends!

    Click here to book this awesome experience and learn more.


    sushi in japan


    Sail Away with Me: My Traditional Yakatabune Dinner Cruise on the Sumida River

    There’s dining, and then there’s dining on a Yakatabune, cruising down the historic Sumida River as Tokyo transforms from a city of hustle and bustle into a sparkling jewel of the night. 

    Trust me, friends, it’s the kind of experience that makes you pinch yourself to ensure you’re not dreaming.

    Let me take you on a journey back to one gorgeous evening in Asakusa, the old-town district of Tokyo. With eager anticipation, I hopped aboard a traditional Japanese dinner cruise – a Yakatabune. Steeped in history and brimming with charm, these are not your average boats but a floating piece of Japan’s rich heritage.

    As the boat gently glides across Tokyo, the cityscape unfurls like a beautiful panorama. Tokyo Skytree, standing tall and proud, cast an enchanting silhouette against the twilight sky. A perfect backdrop for those memory-capturing moments. 

    And Tokyo Bay? Just WOW.

    And as if the stunning views of Tokyo were not enough, the Yakatabune offered an authentic Japanese dinner, paired with – wait for it – all you can drink. 

    Now, I’m no food critic, but the food was simply divine. It’s safe to say that it was one of the best restaurants in Tokyo, and it was floating!

    Highlights of my unforgettable Yakatabune adventure:

        • Beholding the mesmerizing beauty of Tokyo Bay at night

        • Snapping unforgettable shots of Tokyo Skytree


      So there you have it. Whether you’re a hardcore foodie or a casual traveler, the Yakatabune dinner cruise offers a flavor (quite literally!) of Japanese culture that’s hard to find anywhere else across Tokyo

      All aboard, folks, because this is one dinner date you do not want to miss! Click here for more info!


      market in japan and girls walking


      A Trip Back in Time: My Day Tour to Kamakura and Enoshima from Tokyo

      The thrill of Tokyo is truly mesmerizing, but ever so often, the heart yearns for a taste of tranquility and tradition, don’t you think? Well, that’s precisely what led me to a magical day tour from Tokyo to Kamakura and Enoshima, offering me a beautiful detour into the ancient heart of Japan.

      First up, I hopped onto a comfy bus at the bustling train station, leaving behind the cityscape of Tokyo. As the journey unfolded across Japan and around the stunning landscape, my destination revealed itself – Kamakura, a place where time seemed to pause and whisper stories of the Samurai.

      I first paid a visit to Tsurugaoka Hachiman Shrine, the spiritual heartbeat of Kamakura

      From there, I ventured onto the beautiful island of Enoshima, where I strolled amidst a charming mix of nature’s bounty and local culture. Walking along the seaside, my senses were greeted with a refreshing cocktail of salty sea breeze, chattering seagulls, and the low hum of the lapping waves.

      The visit to the Hasedera Temple and the towering Buddha statue of Kamakura left me speechless. As I stood before the eleven-headed Kannon, a sense of awe wrapped around me. The sheer scale, the intricate detail, and the air of reverence were truly a sight to behold!

      Here are some of the unforgettable moments from my day tour:

          • A cool stroll around the beautiful island of Enoshima

          • Awe-inspiring sights of the eleven-headed Kannon at Hasedera Temple

          • Marveling at the majestic Buddha statue of Kamakura

          • If you’re as captivated by these ancient treasures as I was, don’t miss out on my other post about the top things to do and see across Japan. It’s your go-to guide to Tokyo and beyond, full of exciting adventures and unmissable sights!


        Here’s a piece of advice: take a break from the fast-paced life of Tokyo and let Kamakura and Enoshima lead you on a journey back in time. 

        Trust me, it’s an adventure you won’t forget!

        Click here to learn more!


        beautiful castle in japan


        Channeling My Inner Warrior: Authentic Samurai Experience in Tokyo

        Imagine this: The dojo – a place where tradition breathed in every corner, and I could almost hear the whispers of the ancient Samurai echoing through the walls. 

        Dressed in proper training attire, I felt an immediate transformation, like a character from a gripping Japanese period drama!

        Then came the adrenaline-pumping part: wielding a real samurai sword. 

        Yes, you heard that right! With the cold steel in my hands, I felt the thrill as I sliced not one, but two poles.

        Next, it was time to master the techniques during the Iai lesson. Under the expert guidance of the Sensei, I learned how to handle a practice sword, maintaining the right amount of distance from my opponent. 

        It was a dance of precision and respect, each movement a testament to the rich traditions and culture of the samurai.

        So here are some of my unforgettable Samurai moments:

            • Feeling the adrenaline rush of slicing two poles with a real samurai sword

            • Learning the correct techniques during an engaging Iai lesson

            • Immersing myself in the world of Samurai arts at a real dojo in old Tokyo

            • Wearing the training clothes and feeling a sense of belonging to the ancient culture

            • Mastering the art of maintaining the appropriate distance from my opponent


          It was indeed an experience of a lifetime! If you’re planning to get around Tokyo and dive deeper into its rich history, I cannot recommend this Samurai experience enough. 

          And hey, don’t forget to check out my other post about the top guidebooks about traveling in Japan. They are sure to add more zing to your Japanese adventures!

          So pack your bags, my friends. Old Tokyo is calling and it’s time to channel your inner Samurai! 

          Click here to read more and book this experience!


          samurai in japan


          A Spiritual and Scenic Detour: UNESCO Shrine and Nikko’s Beauty from Tokyo

          Brace yourself for a journey from the bustling fish market and the neon skyscrapers of Tokyo to a place where Mother Nature and spiritual tranquility intertwine beautifully – yes, I’m talking about Nikko!

          The highlight of my adventure was the UNESCO holy sites of Mt Nikko, the Toshogu Shrine, and the Futarasan Shrine. Bathed in the crisp Autumn air, these spots simply felt magical.

          And speaking of Autumn, if you ask me about the best time to visit Tokyo (and its surroundings), I’d say without a blink – Autumn! Because you see, in this charming season, Nikko transforms into an artist’s palette, adorned with vibrant hues of red, orange, and gold. Ah, the breathtaking colors of the Autumn leaves! Every snapshot I took felt like a postcard.

          But, the spiritual and scenic wonders of Nikko didn’t end there. I also got the chance to recharge my spirits at Kegon Falls, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan

          The roar of the cascading water and the serene ambiance – truly soul-soothing!

          And when hunger struck, a delicious Japanese lunch with panoramic views of Lake Chuzenji came to the rescue. Can you imagine? 

          Here are some highlights from my spiritual and scenic detour to Nikko:

              • Recharging my spirits at the magnificent Kegon Falls

              • Savoring a delightful Japanese lunch with views of Lake Chuzenji

              • Feeling the spiritual vibes at the UNESCO holy sites – Mt Nikko, Toshogu Shrine, and Futarasan Shrine

              • Capturing the stunning Autumn colors – a seasonal treat for the eyes!


            Now, if you’re already hooked and making travel plans for November, make sure to check my other post about traveling in Japan during November. Believe me; you’ll thank me later!

            Remember, folks, Tokyo is also home to such gems waiting to be discovered. So, next time you’re planning a trip, consider Nikko. 

            After all, what’s better than a spiritual and scenic detour from the urban rush? 

            Click here to book it!


            street in japan with sakura


            A Flavorful Journey: Night Foodie Tour in Tokyo’s Shinjuku

            Let me take you on a tantalizing trip to Japan that your taste buds will thank you for! 

            Picture this: it’s a beautiful night under the cherry blossom skies of downtown Tokyo. And I find myself in the heart of the city’s gastronomic paradise, the vibrant Shinjuku neighborhood.

            Our first stop: an authentic sushi restaurant. Now, I’ve tried sushi across the globe, but watching an artisanal sushi chef create perfect nigiri sushi right in front of me was a whole new level of foodie delight. Each piece was like a little parcel of joy, bursting with flavors.

            Next, we moved onto a traditional Japanese BBQ spot, where the aroma of sizzling Wagyu beef wafted in the air. I indulged in various kinds of Wagyu – each bite was a melt-in-your-mouth symphony of flavors. Trust me, this is a culinary experience that’ll make your trip to Japan unforgettable.

            Capping off the night, we strolled through the bustling streets of Kabukicho, cooling off with dessert and a local alcoholic beverage. It was like a cherry on top of an already perfect night!

            Let’s have a quick recap of this adventure:

                • Savored traditional Japanese food at three foodie locations, each a gastronomic delight in its own right

                • Immersed myself in the lively atmosphere of Shinjuku, one of Tokyo’s most vibrant neighborhoods

                • Watched an authentic sushi chef work magic with his hands, creating beautiful nigiri sushi

                • Indulged in various kinds of Wagyu at a Japanese BBQ

                • Wandered around Kabukicho, ending the night with a delicious dessert and a local drink


              Now, if this foodie journey made you salivate, make sure to check out my other post about the best tips for an amazing experience in Japan

              Remember, there’s no love sincerer than the love of food. 😀

              Click here to book it and learn more!



              A Journey to Remember: Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Kegon Waterfall Tour from Tokyo

              Next destination? Nikko Toshogu, is one of the most important shrines in Japan and a UNESCO World Heritage site! Walking around the majestic buildings, each intricate detail spoke of Japan’s rich history and traditions

              I could feel the spiritual energy vibrating through the air, making me realize how meaningful this Tokyo bucket list item was.

              Next on the itinerary was the Kegon Waterfall. Now, I’ve seen waterfalls, but Kegon is in a league of its own. One of Japan’s three famous waterfalls, its majestic beauty left me speechless! The rush of the water and the cool mist on my face were simply exhilarating.

              But the best part of this tour was its flexibility. I was given a choice to either walk along the serene Lake Chuzenji or experience the soothing Nikko Hot Spring. Naturally, being a sucker for hot springs, I chose the latter. It was the perfect ending to an unforgettable day!

              Let’s recap some of the day’s highlights:

                  • Paying homage at the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage site

                  • Marveling at the breathtaking Kegon Waterfall, one of Japan’s top three waterfalls

                  • Choosing my own adventure – a tranquil walk along Lake Chuzenji or a rejuvenating soak in the Nikko Hot Spring

                  • This tour was a reminder that Tokyo’s wonders aren’t limited to Ueno Park or neon-lit streets. There are gems just a short trip away that will leave you with lasting memories.


                Click here if you want to book this activity!

                Ah! If you are thinking if August is a good time to go to Japan I wrote an article about that too! Check it out here. From festivals to weather, I’ve got you covered! 



                A Delicious Adventure: Tokyo’s Ramen Tasting Tour with 6 Mini Bowls of Ramen

                As I strolled through the lively streets, my destination was a gastronomic paradise – an authentic ramen-tasting tour! 

                With my adventure spirit (and appetite) ready, I was introduced to six, yes six, tour-exclusive, mini bowls of ramen, each uniquely delicious. I savored my way through 12 different options, each bowl serving up a symphony of flavors that danced delightfully on my palate.

                The tour took me across three distinct Tokyo neighborhoods, including the vibrant Shibuya, with each ramen shop offering its unique ramen style.

                Now, I’ve had ramen before, but this tour turned me into a bona fide ramen expert! From the origins of ramen to the different types, preparation methods, and current trends, I got a crash course in everything ramen!

                To give you a taste of my ramen adventure:

                    • Explored three amazing ramen shops, each with its own unique ramen style

                    • Wandered through three distinct Tokyo neighborhoods, including the vibrant Shibuya

                    • Transformed into a ramen connoisseur, learning about ramen origins, types, and preparation

                    • As I headed back to my hotel in Tokyo, my belly and heart full of delicious ramen and newfound knowledge, I realized this wasn’t just about the food. It was about immersing in the culture and discovering the heart of Tokyo one bowl of ramen at a time.


                  If this foodie adventure made your tummy rumble, you should check out my other post about the best unique activities to do in Japan in 2023. 

                  Trust me, there’s a whole world of flavors and experiences waiting for you in Japan! So pack your bags and let your tastebuds lead the way! 

                  Click here if you want to book it!


                  ramen in japan, tokyo


                  Kamakura: My Private Guided Walking Tour with a Local Guide

                  Nothing beats a private tour when it comes to gaining fascinating insights into Japan’s rich history and culture.

                  Here’s a little recap of my walking tour:

                      • Marveled at Kamakura’s significant historical sites and uncovered hidden gems

                      • Immersed myself in tales of Japan’s past and intriguing cultural tidbits

                      • Relished the personalized, professional guidance of a local

                      • Tailored my tour route or sat back while the guide charted our course


                    That’s why I recommend checking out my other post about the essential phrases for tourists. It’s a handy little guide that will have you chatting with the locals in no time!

                    Kamakura has a unique charm that is quite unlike anything in Tokyo, including the bustling streets of Shibuya.

                    Click here to learn more!



                    Tokyo: My Walk on the Wild Side at Tsukiji Outer Market

                    It was a 3-hour journey through the bustling world of local seafood, complete with the guidance of a local connoisseur who truly knew his stuff.

                    I’ve eaten at some of the best ramen restaurants in Tokyo, but let me tell you, there’s something about this market that has a flavor of its own. It’s like navigating a labyrinth, with every turn revealing a new treasure trove of Japanese food vendors.

                    I feasted my eyes (and my palate!) on a delightful smorgasbord, from sushi that melted in my mouth to sake that warmed my soul. Fresh tuna, local omelets, even bonito…you name it, Tsukiji had it all. And each bite told a story, a rich tale of the market’s history and Japan’s food culture that I relished learning.

                    Here’s a snapshot of my tour for you:

                        • Navigated the sprawling maze of Japanese food vendors at Tsukiji Fish Market

                        • Sampled a feast of flavors, including bonito, sushi, sake, fresh tuna, and local omelets


                      If you’re keen on exploring Japan like a pro in 2023, I’ve got the perfect guide for you. Head over to my other post about 10 insider tips for an epic journey through Japan. It’s got all the good stuff, from Tokyo to Nara to Kyoto and beyond!

                      Trust me, a walking tour of Tsukiji is an absolute must on your Tokyo bucket list. 

                      Click here to know more.

                      Bon appétit!



                      teamLab Planets TOKYO: A Dive Into The Deep End of Digital Art

                      Llet me whisk you away to one of the most fascinating places I’ve set foot in – teamLab Planets TOKYO, an enchanting realm where art and technology coalesce to create an immersive world.

                      This is not your average museum, folks! It’s more like stepping into a dynamic canvas where the line between you and the art blurs. 

                      The moment you step in, you’re part of the spectacle, with your every move impacting the art around you. The riot of lights, the orchestra of sounds, and the dance of different materials—all come together to create an experience that tantalizes all five senses.

                      Here’s a quick glimpse into my day at this magical digital art museum:

                          • I delved into the innovative world of art at the teamLab Planets TOKYO museum

                          • Found myself morphing into an integral part of the exhibit, with my presence influencing the artwork


                        And if you’re hungry for more after this experience (I sure was), make sure to check out some local cafes in Tokyo, where creativity continues to shine in their delightful offerings.

                        Ah! If you are looking for more unique experiences across Japan, I’ve got you covered. I wrote a post about the insider Tips For An Epic Travel Through Japan In 2023 — it includes quite many unique things to do!

                        In a city that’s a galaxy of experiences, teamLab Planets TOKYO is a dazzling star you just can’t miss! 

                        Click here to book it!


                        japan lights


                        Tokyo: A Flavorful Stroll Through Tsukiji Market with A Side of Breakfast

                        Nothing screams Tokyo quite like a busy morning at Tsukiji Market. It’s like stepping into a whirlwind of flavors, aromas, and colors. 

                        I’m going to take you on my eye-opening (and stomach-filling) tour through this bustling spot, tasting some traditional meat and seafood specialties along the way, and wrapping it up with a satisfying breakfast.

                        It’s an incredible feeling, blending into the crowd of locals, maneuvering your way around the thriving fish market, while every stall beckons you with its unique offerings. I got to savor some delicious treats, including mouth-watering yakitori skewers and unrivaled wagyu beef. You can almost taste the rich history and tradition in every bite.

                        The exploration didn’t stop with the food. Part of the fun was discovering how deeply Japanese culture and religion are woven into its cuisine.

                        The tour also led me to the Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple, an architectural marvel with an exterior reminiscent of ancient Indian designs, quite a rare find in Japan. 

                        It’s a tranquil oasis amidst the market’s hustle and bustle.

                        And finally, nothing beats the thrill of watching expert wholesalers in their element, a spectacle that completes the authentic Tsukiji Market experience. Here’s a quick recap:

                            • Navigated the lively Tsukiji fish market like a local

                            • Delighted in foodie delights like yakitori skewers and sumptuous wagyu beef

                            • Was left in awe of the Indian-inspired facade of Tsukiji Hongwanji Temple

                            • Witnessed the bustling life of expert wholesalers at work


                          Click here to book it now! Trust me, Tokyo is one destination where you’ll never run out of amazing adventures!

                          And if you’re on the lookout for more cool things to do and see in Japan, don’t forget to check out my best travel guide for Japan



                          A Tokyo Night to Remember: Epic Pub Crawl

                          Best night ever? 


                          I don’t… Remember… ahah

                          The night was jam-packed with friendly faces, cool bars, and quite a few free shots.

                          This wasn’t just any night out. This was about discovering Tokyo’s nightlife scene, hanging out with a crowd of folks who were all about having a good time. We embarked on a journey, visiting at least three bars and clubs throughout the night, each with its unique vibe.

                          I quickly learned that generosity flows as freely as the drinks on this pub crawl. Free shots at each bar? Count me in! Not to mention the awesome discounts on other drinks. It’s pretty much happy hour, all night long!

                          Just to summarize:

                              • Hopped through at least three bars and clubs

                              • Scored free shots and drink discounts galore

                              • Ended the night dancing at a top-rated Tokyo club


                            Just remember, whatever happens in the Tokyo Pub Crawl, stays in the Tokyo Pub Crawl! 

                            Don’t forget to check my other posts, where I’ve listed even more awesome things located in Tokyo that you absolutely must experience!

                            Click here to learn more.



                            Pedal Power: A Day Cycling Through Traditional Tokyo

                            Picture this: you, me, two bicycles, and the entirety of Tokyo waiting to be discovered. Does that sound fun or what? Well, that’s exactly what I did on this full-day bicycle tour of Tokyo. 

                            We weren’t just meandering aimlessly, no way! We had a friendly and knowledgeable English-speaking guide leading us every step of the way. 

                            Now, I’ve always been an advocate for traveling by foot, but swapping out the sneakers for some pedals was a game-changer. 

                            Being on a bike gave me the chance to cover more ground, see more sights, and soak up the Tokyo atmosphere. Here’s a quick recap:

                                • Drove through Tokyo’s highlights on two wheels

                                • Let our expert guide introduce us to Tokyo’s best spots


                              Trust me, it’s a refreshing change from the usual hustle and bustle and an incredible way to uncover the city’s hidden gems

                              Click here to learn more!



                              My Off-the-Beaten-Track Bar-Hopping Tour in Tokyo

                              On a rather regular Tokyo evening, something extraordinary happened. I found myself strolling through the narrow alleys of the city, far from the well-trodden tourist path, on a fantastic Tokyo bar-hopping tour. 

                              This wasn’t just a casual night out in Tokyo’s city center, oh no. This was an authentic journey into Tokyo’s hidden nightlife, the local way.

                              I got to stop by several traditional izakayas (that’s a Japanese pub for the uninitiated), each one with a unique atmosphere and a menu to match. 

                              From mouth-watering skewers to unforgettable sashimi, it was a foodie’s paradise.

                              But I won’t make you green with envy without giving you a sneak peek into this amazing experience. 

                              Here’s what I did:

                                  • Savored some of the most delicious local dishes that Tokyo’s nightlife districts had to offer.

                                  • Paid a visit to three distinctive izakayas, each one welcoming us with a friendly local guide.

                                  • Indulged in an all-inclusive bar hopping tour that catered to all our food and drink cravings. Yep, we went in empty-handed and came out with bellies full of delectable delights and hearts full of joy!


                                And the best part? This was a scene so far outside of Tokyo’s typical touristy chaos, yet so quintessentially Tokyo in its essence. I truly got to experience the city like a local. 

                                Click here to book it now!

                                And if you are thinking about going to Japan during autumn, I wrote an article about that! You can read it here.

                                I promise it’s filled with helpful tips and exciting ideas to make your trip an unforgettable one!



                                Cruising Tokyo: My Daylong Adventure in a Private Car with an English Guide

                                Seeing Tokyo from the vantage point of a private car, well, that makes public transportation feels like a bad choice for going around 😀

                                From the windows of the car, I watched the city unfurl before my eyes, a mesmerizing blend of ancient traditions and ultramodern marvels. 

                                I was able to customize my tour to hit the sights I’d been dreaming about, ticking off sites in Tokyo that were on my bucket list for ages.

                                If you ever decide to go on this Tokyo adventure, here’s what you can look forward to:

                                    • Savoring the journey in a private car, allowing you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the captivating views of Tokyo without the hassle of navigating public transport.

                                    • Crafting your own tailor-made itinerary to ensure you hit all the places you’ve been yearning to visit.

                                    • Benefiting from the insights and stories of an English-speaking guide-cum-driver who knows Tokyo like the back of their hand.

                                    • The flexibility of a highly customizable tour that fits around your interests and schedule, making sure you make the most of your Tokyo adventure.


                                  And trust me when I say this, the freedom of exploring Tokyo at your own pace, with your itinerary, is a joy that’s hard to match. 

                                  Ah! If you need, I wrote an article about some tips and tricks to experience Japan in the best way! It’s full of handy advice and cool ideas that will take your travel experience up a notch. 

                                  Click here to book this!



                                  My Night of Revelry Aboard a Traditional Japanese Yakatabune Dinner Cruise

                                  Picture this: You’re on a classic Yakatabune houseboat, cruising leisurely along Tokyo Bay and Sumida River for three memorable hours. 

                                  The Tokyo skyline is lit up against the dark canvas of the night, and you’re soaking in the view, with a traditional Japanese dinner spread out before you and a never-empty glass in your hand. Sounds dreamy, right? 

                                  Well, that was exactly what my Yakatabune dinner cruise experience felt like!

                                  The sparkling Tokyo Skytree and the radiant Rainbow Bridge stole the show, their reflections dancing in the water as the boat gently glided along.

                                  Here are some snapshots of my unforgettable night:

                                      • The dazzling Tokyo skyline under the night sky, the city lights twinkling like a sea of stars.

                                      • Relishing a variety of authentic Japanese dishes, each one more delicious than the last.


                                    My Yakatabune adventure reminded me of an important point held in Tokyo’s heart: the city is not just about bustling streets and soaring skyscrapers. 

                                    It’s also about the calm moments on the water, looking back at the city while enjoying traditional customs. 

                                    So, whether you’re planning a trip to Tokyo or just daydreaming about it, don’t forget to put the Yakatabune dinner cruise on your to-do list.

                                    Click here to learn more!


                                    town in japan during the night



                                    That’s a wrap on my guide to some of the best activities in Tokyo! I hope these personal experiences have helped you curate your own list of must-visit spots and must-try activities in this incredible city. 

                                    Tokyo is brimming with attractions, with each district offering a different flavor of Japanese culture and modern city life. 

                                    Planning your trip to Tokyo is like preparing a delicious bento box: you’re picking and choosing the experiences that are going to make your trip as tasty as possible.

                                    So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready to embark on your own Tokyo adventure! But remember, this city is not just about ticking off bucket list items. 

                                    Still have questions or want more advice? Don’t hesitate to reach out! You can drop me a line on my Contact Me page.

                                     I’d love to help you make your Tokyo adventure as epic as mine. Until then, happy planning, and I can’t wait to hear all about your Tokyo adventures!

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