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20 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Tokyo: My Ultimate List!

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Maidreamin SHIBUYA best coffe shop tokyo

So, as an Italian, you know I’ve been pretty much raised on coffee – it’s in my veins! Espresso mornings back home had me thinking, “will I ever find a good coffee here in Tokyo?

You wouldn’t believe how vast and rich the coffee culture is in this bustling metropolis. And if you’re one to assume “20 Best Cafes and Coffee Shops in Tokyo: My Ultimate List!” is just another one of those “10 best” lists… well, think again! From sipping a cuppa overlooking a serene garden to discovering a tucked-away café in the depths of the city’s labyrinth, Tokyo’s coffee scene is truly unparalleled.

Tokyo’s got the charm, the ambiance, and the beans to boot. In this list, you’ll find a blend of well-loved hotspots that everyone raves about, and those secret corners where you can enjoy a peaceful moment with your latte. So, get ready for a caffeinated journey that blends the familiar with the excitingly new. 

Let’s dive deep into Tokyo’s coffee universe, shall we?
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The Journey Begins: My Criteria for the Best

Okay, so you’re probably wondering, “How on earth did you narrow down the best cafes in Tokyo?” Great question, my friend! 

Imagine stepping into a café, the air filled with the rich aroma of freshly brewed drip coffee. The place just feels right. That’s atmosphere and ambiance for you. It’s like walking into a hug, y’know? But it’s not just about the vibes. 

The coffee’s got to be top-notch! I mean, a cafe could look like a million bucks, but if their latte tastes like dishwater?

Thank you, next. And then there’s the story – I’m a sucker for a good origin tale. Knowing a café has roots, a soul, some epic history, makes every sip feel like diving into a rich tapestry of tales. Lastly, if I’m sightseeing in Tokyo, which let’s be real, is pretty much always, I don’t want to trek miles for my caffeine fix. 

Proximity to Tokyo’s hot spots is a must! Because what’s better than visiting Tokyo’s landmarks? Having the perfect place to sip your coffee nearby.

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Tokyo’s Top Ten Cafes: The Cream of the Crop

Let’s do it, coffee enthusiasts! Let me take you on a whirlwind tour of Tokyo’s crème de la crème of cafes.

1 Café Bibliotic Hello

Oh, the nostalgia! A dream come true for book lovers like me.

 It felt like diving into a story, surrounded by an extensive collection of architecture books. Each page turn, accompanied by sips from my perfectly roasted coffee. 

And, let’s talk about that peach and pistachio tart, a game-changer. If you’ve got a penchant for books and a mean cuppa, this place is a must. And did I mention the free wifi? 

A bibliophile’s paradise at 650 Seimeicho, Nakagyo Ward.
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2 Coffee Zingaro

If contemporary art and coffee are your jam, look no further. Brainchild of the famous artist Takashi Murakami, Coffee Zingaro splashes color and creativity in Nakano Broadway. 

A fantastic blend of art and aromatic brews, this place radiates vibes that are hard to find elsewhere. Plus, it’s a minimalist’s dream, with each art piece and latte art echoing simplicity yet profoundness.

3 Kayaba Coffee

The sight of this century-old building on Yanaka’s Kototoi-dori is deceptive! With its humble facade, you’d never guess it’s been brewing happiness for over 70 years. The rebirth of Kayaba Coffee in 2009 was a gift to the community, retaining its vintage charm while serving some of the finest coffees. It’s like stepping back in time but with free wifi!
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4 Weekenders Coffee Tominokoji

Hidden surprises are my favorite, and this place, tucked behind a parking lot, is a gem. Dive into the world of in-house roasts, each bean telling its tale. Whether you’re a fan of the fruity Kenyan notes or the creamy Colombian texture, this spot in Nakagyo Ward has got you covered. Don’t miss their vibrant lattes and remember – it’s at Honeyanocho, just in case!

5 Here Kyoto Café

When a world latte art champion crafts your coffee, you know you’re in for a treat. Junichi Yamaguchi’s Here Kyoto Café is all about pairing your brew with irresistible treats. My heart sings praises for their innovative mint choco dip cream on a fluffy canelé. If your coffee needs a dance partner, those soft dorayakis with matcha and adzuki beans are the move!

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6 Maidreamin SHIBUYA

Gents and anime lovers, brace yourselves! A trip to Shibuya isn’t complete without experiencing the vibrant energy of maidreamin. It’s a quirky escape into the anime world with a side of coffee!
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7 Turret Coffee

Sometimes, simple is best. A quaint place with no fuss, just some seriously good coffee. It’s all about the roast here, and trust me, they nail it every single time.

8 NINJA Café & Bar

Ever had a ninja serve you coffee? No? Well, head on over. It’s exactly as cool as it sounds. Stealthy latte art, mysterious brews, and… did that waiter just vanish?!
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9 Akiba Zettai Ryoiki AD1912

If you’re looking for something super cute and offbeat, this place checks all the boxes. Grab your coffee, and dive into a world of fun! The vibe here? Pure joy in a cup.

10 Takizme

Ending this list with a serene bow to tradition. Takizme is where you go to cherish the art of traditional Japanese coffee-making. The experience? Timeless.

For the Themed-Cafe Lovers: Tokyo’s Most Unique Stops

Hey there, coffee comrades and theme café enthusiasts! So, you’re in Tokyo, one of the world’s coolest cities, and you’re looking for something a tad more unique than your average coffee stop? Well, let’s take a coffee-infused journey through Tokyo’s quirkiest cafés

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11 Shiroighe Cream Puff Factory

So, first stop, imagine biting into a puff and it’s… Totoro? Yeah, wild, right? Nestled between Shimokitazawa and Gotokuji (shoutout to Setagaya!), this place offers a whimsical treat inspired by our beloved Miyazaki movie character. Even if it’s not on your main Tokyo trail, trust me, take a tiny detour and get yourself a taste of Totoro!

12 Momi no Yu

Okay, let’s get one thing straight: Tokyo’s massive, and your feet? They’re gonna feel it. But here’s a solution! Head over to Momi no Yu in Ueno. You can give your feet a soothing hot spring treat while you sip on some heavenly herbal tea. For a cool 1080 yen, enjoy a foot bath, some tea, and even a mini back massage. Talk about refreshing your body for some more remote work or city exploring!
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13 Dir Ta Nong

Ever craved a splash of mystique with your coffee? Then you’ve gotta check out this secret haven tucked away in a Ginza basement. The Victorian vibes with enchanting fairies, iron butterflies, and old keys decorating the place make you feel like you’ve stepped into a storybook. And let’s talk cocktails: cotton candy or octopus flavor, anyone? Yeah, it’s a bit pricier, but for the experience? Totally worth it.

14 2D Cafè

Picture this: stepping into a café and feeling like you’ve entered a doodled world. Over in Shin-Okubo’s Korean Town is this gem that’s literally like walking into a sketchbook. Everything looks hand-drawn! But here’s the twist, it’s all very much real. Their Bubble Tea game is strong, and their desserts? Chef’s kiss!

15 Sepia

Ah, for those who miss the old times or have a thing for the 80s vibes, Sepia in Shibamata is where you want to be. It’s like a time capsule with old-school phones, anime posters, and the kind of food and drinks that’ll throw you back in time. Oh, and if you’re a ‘Candy Candy’ anime fan, they’ve got a tiny museum. How cool is that? 

16 Hatcoffee

And finally, for the artsy folks, Hatcoffee near Asakusa is a dream. These guys? Absolute wizards with latte art. From cutesy characters to intricate designs, just show them a pic and they’ll whip up a frothy masterpiece for you. If you’re unsure about what design to pick, they’ve got a catalog that’s chock-full of kawaii goodness.

Alright, adventurous souls, there you have it! Whether you’re setting up for some remote work or just in for the experience, these spots in Tokyo are bound to make your coffee adventures unforgettable. Cheers to themed-café hopping! 🍵🎉
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Cafes with a View: Tokyo Skyline and Coffee

So, you’re in Tokyo and you’re thinking, “Where can I enjoy a robust cup of coffee while soaking in some city views?” Look no further! Here’s my handpicked list of spots where you can simultaneously caffeinate and feast your eyes on Tokyo’s stunning cityscape.

17 Starbucks Coffee Shinjuku Gyoen

Now, I’m usually more of a local café enthusiast, but this Starbucks? Oh, it’s in a league of its own. Nestled amidst the tranquility of Shinjuku Gyoen, this isn’t your average corner Starbucks. This place lets you be amidst nature while you’re sipping on that Frappuccino. Those gigantic windows? They frame the park like a dream. I swear, I sat there during cherry blossom season, and I felt like I was inside a painting. If you’re looking to escape the frenetic energy of Shinjuku, this is your spot.

18 Oka Cafe in Showa Kinen Park

Okay, first up – that wooden charm of Oka Cafe? Heart-stealer! Crafted by the genius Kengo Kuma, it’s like this cafe was hugged into existence by nature. But let’s chat about what’s on the plate. Ever been brunching and thought, “I wish there was more?” This place answers that wish. From the classic eggs-bacon-toast trio to caesar salad and minestrone soup, they’ve got your back. But, heads up, to dive into this cafe experience, there’s a wee park entrance fee. Trust me, worth every yen.

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19 Blue Bottle Kitaya Park

When in Shibuya, find your way to Kitaya Park. And there, standing proud is this architectural beauty – Blue Bottle. With its volcanic tiles and minimalist furniture designed by the ace Keiji Ashizawa, the place is a vibe. And if you’re on the hungrier side, go for their exclusive breakfast plate. Grilled veggies, bacon, and eggs – yum! Sip, munch, and let the neighborhood views from the terrace seep into your soul.

20 Higuma Doughnuts + Coffee Wrights

Ever imagined what a love child of a doughnut hub and a coffee joint would look like? Enter this café. Tucked away in the vibrant streets of Omotesando and Harajuku, the combo of Coffee Wrights and Higuma Doughnuts is a match made in heaven. The minimalist interiors, paired with those expansive windows, make for an unmatched cafe experience. It’s almost like you’re in a zen bubble, right in the midst of Tokyo’s hustle.

So next time you’re trotting around Tokyo, swing by these spots. Elevate your caffeine game, relish some delicious bites, and let Tokyo’s landscapes sweep you off your feet. Cheers to the best coffee shops in Tokyo! 🍵🏙️✌🏼


  1. Café Bibliotic Hello: Ideal for book lovers with an extensive collection of architecture books, great coffee, and delicious treats like peach and pistachio tart. Located at 650 Seimeicho, Nakagyo Ward.
  2. Coffee Zingaro: A fusion of contemporary art and coffee, created by artist Takashi Murakami. Located in Nakano Broadway, it offers a unique blend of art and coffee in a minimalist setting.
  3. Kayaba Coffee: A historic coffee shop in Yanaka, serving coffee for over 70 years. It offers a vintage atmosphere with modern amenities like free wifi.
  4. Weekenders Coffee Tominokoji: A hidden gem behind a parking lot in Nakagyo Ward, known for its in-house roasts and vibrant lattes.
  5. Here Kyoto Café: Run by world latte art champion Junichi Yamaguchi, this café pairs coffee with treats like mint choco dip cream canelé.
  6. Maidreamin SHIBUYA: A unique café in Shibuya that offers a quirky escape into the anime world with coffee.
  7. Turret Coffee: Known for its simple setup and excellent roast coffee.
  8. NINJA Café & Bar: Offers a ninja-themed coffee experience with stealthy latte art and mysterious brews.
  9. Akiba Zettai Ryoiki AD1912: A fun and offbeat café perfect for those looking for something different.
  10. Takizme: Traditional Japanese coffee-making in a serene environment, offering a timeless experience.

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