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It's time to travel to japan! What are you waiting for?

I'ts time to travel to Japan

What are you waiting for?

If Japan holds a special place in your heart you’re in good company here.

So, let’s share the love for Japan and make those travel dreams come closer to reality together!

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Hello there! I'm Andrea,
copywriter, blogger, freelance writer.

A traveler at heart, digital marketer by profession, and a writer by passion, my love for writing is only paralleled by my love for Japan. 

My mission is simple: to help you live the perfect trip to Japan!

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Map of Japan

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it's time to travel to Japan, really.

Need some help organizing your next trip to Japan?

I’ve penned down quite a few articles that could come in handy when planning your trip to Japan or elsewhere. Dive into them, and you’ll find some solid advice and nifty tips to make your travel prep a breeze.

I really hope you like them!

Need some help planning your trip?

I’ve put together a bunch of articles that might be useful when orchestrating your Japan adventure or trips to other spots. Give them a read, and you’ll stumble upon some reliable pointers and handy tricks to ease your travel planning.

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a bit about my self

Craving content that not only looks good but also packs a punch in conversions?

My name is Andrea Urbinati, from Pesaro, a small town in the heart of Italy that even Italians might not know exists.

It might sound quirky, but buzzwords like optimization, conversions, content marketing, funnels, and lead generation get my heart racing.

I’ve been living and breathing entrepreneurship, soaking it all in like a 24/7 dream.

My writing? It captivates, engages, and converts, much like the dream sales funnel you’ve been yearning for your business.

Because, let’s face it, my words are crafted for one reason only: to sell. Every blog post, article, landing page, or email I’ve ever penned is birthed with one primary mission: to turn an anonymous passerby into a die-hard customer.

So whether you’re a plucky start-up, a booming corporation, or an individual entrepreneur, my bespoke content can catapult your online presence to new heights, injecting that much-needed momentum to reel in those elusive new customers.

I’m Andrea, probably the most grounded ‘word artist’ you’ll ever encounter. Directing sales for various companies, both in Italy and beyond, I’ve honed my skills in the marketing arena.

andrea urbinati a pesaro

How can I assist you?

Who am I, you ask?

Proudly wearing the title of Marketing and Sales Director for over 10 years across a diverse range of industries.

Online education, fitness, photography, hyperbaric medical centers, and much more. During my 10-year stint in New York, I opened a studio and founded a successful startup, which was sold in 2018.

My written content is vibrant, passionate, and decidedly different from what you’re used to.

I don’t write to fill a page, or to hit a word count. My mission is to forge a connection, a bond, with readers.

This is my way of working, writing, and living.

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What's my magic?

SEO Blog Writing
Your blog articles speak directly to your potential customers and connect them to the heart of your brand. I write to help businesses ascend to the top spot on Google, consistently crafting content that’s easy to share and of superior quality.

Email Marketing Sequence
Does anyone still read emails? The answer is a resounding yes, but only those worth opening!

One of the things I love most is telling product stories through email marketing. With emails, you can have a timeless conversation with thousands of people all at once.

It’s worth structuring this conversation in the best possible way and trusting a professional.

A wrong email means bidding farewell to a potential customer.

Writing to sell is a mix of technique, knowledge, experience, creativity, and pragmatism. My job is to sell with words.

Believe me, with the right words, you can sell dreams.

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How do I do it?

I leverage my direct experience from years of working in the sales field.

It’s challenging to write about marketing if you’ve never truly done marketing.

My content isn’t just words; they’re organized pathways that make sure your website visitors click where they should click and do what we tell them to do.

andrea urbinati travel to japan, playing instruments

My next book

A heart-to-heart guide for mothers on how to support their fledglings leaving the nest. Here, I unfold the tapestry of my own journey – a full decade living abroad, navigating the thrilling waters of solitude, and taming the roaring waves of fears and challenges that marked the most exhilarating voyage of my life.

Coming soon
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"Word of mouth remains the most authentic and satisfying form of marketing in the world."


What are saying about me

A heart-felt thank you to Andrea and all the wizards in the marketing team! They've managed to revolutionize my work in the fitness industry. They've crafted a straightforward yet solid sales funnel, introduced me to a fresh wave of customers, and designed landing pages that are truly top-notch. They've not just helped bring my marketing vision to life but have propelled my services to soaring heights. Now, I can confidently quote prices to my customers that I never thought possible, all thanks to their ingenious ideas! Their service is simply exceptional, and their professionalism is in a league of its own!Mi hanno aiutato a posizionarmi come un grande professionista!

PFC Academy Education Company

Absolute champions in the Marketing world! I had the good fortune of collaborating with them, and they've hit every goal I've set... not just with unparalleled expertise but also with an unmatched level of charisma and simplicity! It's a rare find to work alongside such professionals with such a unique human touch! Thank you once again, D.È una rarità affiancare tali professionisti con un valore umano così raro! Grazie ancora D.

Neri Domenico Personal Trainer

I've known Andrea for quite some time, followed his journey from NY to his return to Italy, and what can I say, he certainly knows how to sell 🙂

Filippo Accountant

I entrusted Andrea with managing all the communication for my musical school. The results, just as he predicted, have been extraordinary. My student numbers have shot up by 60% in just three months, and they keep climbing. He is a serious and competent professional you can truly rely on.

Alessandro Owner of a musical school

Words written


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New articles

Welcome to my blog, where you’ll find a mix of everything!

In the “Living Abroad” section, you’ll find plenty of articles all about being a traveler. Tips on what to expect, and how to handle being far from home.

In the “Marketing” section, I share all the stuff I’ve learned as a business consultant and marketing director. You’ll find lots of ideas to think about, and tried-and-true strategies that work.

Enjoy your read!

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Shibuya Sky: Tokyo's Tallest Observation Deck, mesmerizing-image-of-the-Tokyo-skyline-at-night-andrea-urbinati-blog-travel-.png
Andrea Urbinati

Shibuya Sky: Tokyo’s Tallest Observation Deck

Are you ready to take your Tokyo skyline experience to new heights? Look no further than Shibuya Sky, the open-air rooftop observation deck that will leave you breathless. Located in the vibrant Shibuya Scramble Square commercial district, this towering structure stands at a staggering 229 meters (751

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Old Village of Takayama
Andrea Urbinati

Things to do in Old Village Takayama

Takayama’s old village is a charming throwback to Japan’s feudal era. The southern half of the old town, especially Sannomachi Street, is a well-preserved area with ancient homes, shops, and sake breweries. For a glimpse into the past, some homes in the old town open their doors

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How to Say Sun in Japanese
Andrea Urbinati

How to Say Sun in Japanese

Are you curious about how to say sun in Japanese? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In Japanese, there are several ways to express the concept of the sun. The most common way is “hi” – 日, which is used in various contexts, like referring to

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Japanese Perfume
Andrea Urbinati

Top Japanese Perfume Brands!

Hey there, fragrance enthusiasts! Have you ever been captivated by the delightful allure of Japanese perfume brands? From the elegant packaging to the exquisite scents, Japanese fragrances have carved a unique space in the global perfume industry. With a blend of tradition and innovation, these scents offer

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Andrea Urbinati

The Taisho Period: Japan’s Golden Age of Modernization and Innovation

The Taisho Period, spanning from 1912 to 1926, was a remarkable era in Japan’s history, often referred to as its “Golden Age of Modernization and Innovation.” During this time, Japan experienced significant progress and underwent transformative changes. From participating in World War I to continuing its colonial

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Andrea Urbinati

Nara Countryside: Experience the Japanese Vibe

Welcome to the Nara Countryside, where you can immerse yourself in the authentic Japanese atmosphere. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to step into a Ghibli movie? Well, in this enchanting region, you can experience just that. As a resident who recently relocated from Kashiba

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